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Your time at Tall Pine can be spent lake or river fishing, hiking a forest trail or walking or sitting by the riverside and taking in the quiet. It's the perfect spot for a peaceful getaway or a family retreat or reunion.

Tall Pine is a family-friendly place with so much to do whether you are a kid or just a kid at heart. We keep a painting table in the Sunroom with paints, brushes, and necessary supplies to spend some quiet time painting a canvas or a rock.

We have Tall Pine Treasures...for $10 you get a bucket filled with sand, soil, and ‘treasure' rocks, a sifting pan, and a keepsake bag to store your treasure rocks. Take them to the river and sift through to uncover the treasures! (You just leave the bucket and sifter in the cabin when you are finished with them.)

Ami, one of our staff members, can bring your little ones the "Pinecone Challenge" basket of supplies. Ami has them find a pinecone, fill it with peanut butter and roll it in birdseed and set it out. She leaves markers and canvases for them to draw a picture of the birds that come to feast on their pinecone.

Ami has also hidden little angels around the property. If your child finds an angel it's theirs to keep.
Tall Pine River
The Red River runs through the length of the Tall Pine Property.  A perfect place to hike, wade, fish and explore. The river is lined with trees and little meadows just right to hang a hammock or set up a lawn chair for a quiet afternoon.
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Tall Pine Lake

Guests can fish for Rainbow trout in the beautiful private Tall Pine Lake. Lake fishing permits are available in the office, or enjoy fly fishing along the river with a NM Fishing license.

2023 Fishing Permit Fees: 
1 Day: $25.00/ 2 Day: $30.00/ 3 Day: $35.00/4 Day: $40.00/5 Day: $45.00
6 Day: $50.00/ 7 Day: $55.00/8 Day: $60.00/9 Day: $65.00/10 Day: $70.00
Permit prices begin at $25 and increase at a rate of $5 per day for multiple day permits.
Tall Pine Trails
Explore Tall Pine's natural beauty along the roads and trails on foot or mountain bike. 
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