Our Setting

Squirl Friend

The winds whisper through the fir, spruce, and aspen trees in this peaceful setting. Wildlife is abundant on the property. Bird watching is at its best, chipmunks and squirrels beg for snacks, deer graze the grass, coons forage at night, and an occasional bear and mountain lion drop in. (Please don't feed the bears.)

The resort covers 38 acres, and the last of the 23 cabins is 1/2 mile from the office. The Red River winds through the resort, and the peaceful sound of the river can be heard from most cabins. Hiking is great.

We strive to keep our setting peaceful and quiet for you. Motorcycles, motor scooters, and ATV's cannot be driven through the resort. If you bring them, these vehicles may be parked at the office. RV's and tents are also not allowed.

There are several playground areas around the resort.

The Tall Pine Store, located next to the office, sells fishing supplies, soda, ice cream, and Tall Pine caps and postcards.

There are always nature friends nearby!

PO Box 567 • Red River, New Mexico • (575) 754-2241
(800) 573-2241

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