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Nathan "Red" Oldham
Tall Pine Camp
was established in 1920 by Reed, Richard, and George Oldham, brothers and prospectors who settled in Red River during the gold rush in 1895. They staked the Golden Treasure, Golden Calf, Bunker Hill, and Raton group of claims located beginning 5 miles up Placer Road (the current road to Goose Lake). The camp was originally intended to be headquarters for their mines.

In 1935, the prospector's niece Winifred Oldham Hamilton and her husband Walter moved to Red River from Boulder City, NV, where Walter worked building the Hoover Dam and Winifred taught school to the construction worker's children. Their dream was to help the uncles develop Tall Pine Camp. Travelers seeing the beautiful valley setting frequently stopped and asked to pitch their tents. The family began building cabins to rent, and what is now known as Tall Pine Resort was born.

Winnie & Walter Hamilton and
Florence Oldham.
Various member of the Oldham family were actively involved with Winnie and Walter in the resort's development and operation. Winnie's sisters Mabel and Florence, her brother Nathan (Red), and his children, Walter and Sharon all played a vital role over the years. Walter Oldham's children, Pam and Mike, joined the family during summer vacations from school.

The most recent cabins, the Golden Treasure and Golden Calf, were built on a hill overlooking the lake in 1958. Tall Pine Resort became a popular tourist destination, with several generations of families enjoying the serenity of the resort.

Winnie & Walter Hamilton
In 1990, in her 89th year, Winifred had a dream in which Walter, who had passed away in 1977, told her to "sell, sell, sell." The remaining Oldham family agreed, and the cabins were placed on the market. Winnie would retain her house and the buildings on six acres until her death in January, 1998.

Linda and Richard Green were longtime guests of Tall Pine Resort who, like many others, had dreamed of owning it someday. Linda grew up vacationing here with her family, and brought Richard here after their marriage. Linda's mother's family, the A. B. Clouthiers of Springer, NM, were some of the original tent campers in the twenties and thirties.

The Green's convinced Winnie and the family to sell to them with the promise to keep Tall Pine Resort the special place so many families loved, and began operating the resort in the summer of 1991.

With the help of some dedicated friends who had worked at the resort for sixteen or more years, and the support of our families, the cabins have been updated, but their charm remains. Fishing is better than ever, and our longtime guests are happy.

In 1999, the Green's purchased Winnie's house and six acres from Walter Oldham, so the original homestead is reunited. The office and store are located in Winnie's house at the entrance to Tall Pine Resort. And the dream lives on.

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